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How it works

“Go Pub” is a must-see product for artists coming to arts promotion to boost your visibility and discoverability with less effort and minimal cost. You will take full advantage of our website, quarterly newsletter and social media handles for just 18,000 RWF for Rwandans or $30 for internationals per year once your submission has been accepted. Our selection team will choose which submission to display to each of the appropriate categories on our website. We run four enrolments every year to select 10 artists for each enrolment. 

What to consider before applying

Each individual submitting work through GoPub is provided a fair and equal chance. Incoming submissions follow a specific process and each call has a transparency policy. Make sure you have carefully read all the information before submitting and that your craft is genuine to make your clients wish to keep looking for you. We don’t promote works which are mass produced, pirated products, or illegal products. 

Notification of results

Results are normally announced two weeks after the official deadline of the call to ensure that we have analysed each work and carefully select finalists for publication. Try no to worry if it takes longer than two weeks because we receive high volume of works. You will be notified via e-mail or WhatsApp if that’s your preferred communication channel only if your work is accepted. If your work is accepted, you are not allowed to apply in the next call unless it’s for different genre. E.g: If you’re previously accepted in Poetry, you can apply in Handicraft next time to note that every individual is eligible for two applications year round.
We don’t use submitted works in any other business neither do we sell it somewhere else, just because we value the hard work of our fellow artists. This also means that you will not find your work elsewhere if it hasn’t been successful. 


Visual art 

Internationals  $30/year 

Rwandans  18,000 RWF/year 

Note: Payments are only processed via the following links:

Rwandan can also pay using MoMoPay:   *182*8*1*020329#


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